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 Super Nintendo's : Pocky and Rocky Walkthrough (Incomplete)

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PostSubject: Super Nintendo's : Pocky and Rocky Walkthrough (Incomplete)   Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:28 pm

Super Nintendo's : Pocky and Rocky Walkthrough (Incomplete)

Natsume has made a fun quirky game with lots of anim-ish creatures and bright colorful worlds. Make no mistake, the challenge of this game makes up for it's colorful little world and light-hearted story. This game is very child-ish in away, but very very challenging.
There are several known factors that you must take into consideration when playing, but I will tell you those later. The story of the game takes place in japan. You play as a girl named Pocky and her squirrel sidekick Rocky hence the name "Pocky and Rocky". Black Mantle has cast a spell on all the niphino goblins and made them turn evil for some stupid twisted reason no one knows about. Anyways he's evil and you have to take him out, by going through level after level after boss to finally get to the Black Mantle, and dispatch or kill him. As I said before, there are several rules considering what you accomplish in order to successfully pass through this game.
One of the best is... please play with a friend. I've gotten good enough in this game where I don't have to, but it takes practice. Playing with a friend is a load off your and his/her shoulder because two heads are better than one. Everyone knows this. Another rule is to pick up either one orange or purple orb and stick with ONLY using that orb pick-up. You gain attack power at every pick up with a purple or orange orb. But once you switch, you'll go back to THAT power being at the weakest level, so if you want to get by with full power, don't switch. Another is, if your friend is almost out of hearts and you have more. Don't be greedy, let him/her get a health pick up, so you both still have some hearts left. Oh and another one, please don't steal all your friends lives, it's annoying and as rude as stealing a health pick up for someone who needs it. No matter what your skill level, even if I suck at a game I don't do this. LIVE STEALING. If you run out of lives, just let your partner play until he/she runs out of theirs.
Is it really fair to play six times on your lives. While your friend hasn't died once and is still doing good while just having 0 more lives after you have taken them all from him/her. It's not fair, it's not right, so don't do it. Here comes the walk through now so you'll be able to finish this game without any headache.

Stage 1 : Sidewalk Shrine

Okay now you will start the game on the lower outskirts of the Shrine where pocky and rocky are beginning their war dance. Here is the opportunity where you will begin playing. Start off by moving upward until you see five little fireballs swarming around the screen and hit them with your "long range weapon" (leaf or magic card). Destroy all of them and keep moving on upward, you will then notice a purple or orange orb on the ground. When either playing single or two player I like to keep the purple orb, because once you keep building the purple up; you can widen your attack range instead of straight fire. Okay now keep going up and block the flying green goobers by rapidly hitting the "B" button. You will now see umbrellas that come out of the cubby hole near the wall. Use your long ranged attack to take care of the creeps. Keep heading right killing the skeletons, umbrellas, and everything in sight. When you get to the water tank, shoot the green frog that is there and you will get a health pick up, a weapon orb and the mystical dog (which grants you invincibility for a long time.).
Get on the mystical dog and keep trekking right until you find a health pick up and a red cartoon-ish bowling pin looking thing. As you are making your way across try to kill it while dodging the mini pins he creates along your path. Do not try to over pass the monster by passing by it, you will more than likely get killed. Just shoot the little pins while shooting him back and get the health when you need to recover some hearts. You will eventually beat it while making your way up across some more swirling small fireballs. Dispose of them and pick up the orb that you need. You must kill all of them for an orb to drop. Keep walking upward and you will find two box houses on the left and right hand corners of the screen. Another swarm of green balls hurl at you; brush them away with your melee (B) button and continue onward. Now here is where the part gets a bit rough. A swarm of ugly humans with white shirts and blue pants will try to number you and jump on you like a trampoline. Shoot like crazy while trying to anticipate where they go. Get the green bomb in the basket and move on upward. You will face another red pin like monster, dispose of him get the health pick up and get ready. It's about time to fight your first boss.

Stage 1 Boss : Big Head Beaver

Okay this big headed oaf is easy if you know what to expect and when to attack. When he gets through with his conversation he will then be sucseptible to hits. Keep flash throwing your cards at him. When he waves out his hands he'll throw nuts at you. Try to brush this off by pounding on melee. Also melee when he holds his breath, because a steady stream of nuts will target you all at once. Once this attack is over, repeat by attacking with your cards or leaves and hit X to dash across the screen when he is about to roll over you. If you follow the steps and keep doing them he'll be coughing up his last nut for too long. Good job now onward to stage 2.

Stage 2 : The Forest and River

This stage here actually consists of two seperate levels followed one, by a mini boss and two; by the main boss. You'll start out at this level hopefully fully powered up with your long range projectiles. Keep treking right and shoot every squirl in your path so they do not pounce on you, and also hit you. If they hit, you just try to pick up an orb going to the right to power yourself up again. You will meet a barrage of medusa heads that pop out of the houses and shoot fireballs from all directions. Brush the fire off with the melee attack and when she pops out again long range her then immediately short range the brush again so that the fire won't hit you. Repeat the steps and you'll head to the end of the eastern part of the land.
There you will meet the boomerang harpy. Just shoot at it and it will periodically stop to chuck a boomerang at you. When you see it coming brush the thing off. Up ahead next are one or two more medusa heads, I'm not sure how many are there at the point; just pick them off as I have said before. After that you will meet a very large cyclops. The trick to beating this giant is to keep shooting and staying in one spot until he inhales. As soon as he inhales slide with the "x" button to the opposite side to dodge his fury of fire. You will then have lots of extra time and opportunity to shoot him. When he walks across the side again, slide out of the way "X", and then keep doing the same pattern.
He will fall and you can keep going up north.
So now you hit the dirt road that carries you to the opposite end of the west side of the spectrum now. Grab the health pick up in the box and move west. Trust me DO NOT STOP. Squirels will pop up and try to kill you, don't forget to mention decrease your ranged attack power. Keep moving west, but be careful, along the bamboo thickets and dirt are a quentuplite of grass spikes that shoot out vertically in a row. Dispatch of them by shooting, but you must be careful to keep moving away from the squirrels at the same time. Once you make it there, there is bomb pick up. I would try to save these for at least the 4th or 5th boss, but if you are about to die you need to go crazy on them; especially after a boss fight.
Once you get that bomb you will be at a dead end from the west side. Now keep going up. Kill the two Boomerang Harpys and you'll get to meet.

Stage 2 Mini-Boss : Bamboo Tree Thicket

okay not really a hard boss if you have at least the second gauge of your projectile attack. This guy starts out in the fight by initiating five grass thicket creatures. Focus your projectile attack in the middle and they should be dead, leaving you time for the rest of your attack to hit him dead on after breaking his army barrier. Every so often he'll shoot out three leaves at you. Don't move or slide it will only make the fight harder, instead just brush them off with your short range. After that continue shooting your projectiles at him and his cronies and bamboo man will finally be cropped.

Stage 2 : Forest and River ~ cont.

Going from one hell hole into another you will continue north from here on. This part is more annoying because you will meet grass cronies that pop up at certain points on the terrain. If this wasn't enough, you'll have to fight a barrage of boomerang harpies as well that fly and are a little hard to shoot. It's good to just take your time and take them out rather than try to rush and be reckless. Finally going north you will reach the north end of the bank, where a raft is waiting for you. The irony of that is you will have to fight another cyclops and the only time you will be able to get in hits is when it walks horizontally across the screen and when it shoots a straight narrow barrage of fire right at you. The time that it tries to shoot at you, you need to slide out of the way, but be careful of the water at the east bank. After that you either have a split second to shoot him and he will charge at you from the opposite end of the screen. This is what makes things hard. After you have vanquished the cyclone though, head towards the upper part of the raft.
The raft will take awhile to move with two players on board. You will not be able to control where the raft goes as it will slowly take you east. You can't help but stay on as enemies try to drown you in the water or attack you. Shoot at the turtles so you can fend yourself against the turtles as they hop on the raft. As you slowly edge eastern towards the boss, crabs will pop on your ship as well. Just brush off the crabs when they crash down and you will meet another turtle, but this time he is on his own raft and shoot bombs at you for a MINUTE. This part is very hard as crabs and bombs will come floating down while turtles will also hop aboard the raft as well. You have to stay on your toes and brush the bombs right back at the turtle as well as brush off the crabs that come on deck. One bomb will not hurt in this fight because he reaps good rewards for killing him, if you kill him before his bomb tirad is over with. You will get HEALTH and even an EXTRA ORB if you complete this feat. Now heads up and get ready for

Stage 2 Boss : Niphino Octopus

Hopefully by now you are still fully equipped with all your long range power, because if you are NOT. Things WILL GET UGLY. Octopus starts off by diving in the water after his trash talk and face tenticles keep coming up. Dispose of the tenticles with your long range, but be careful; the tenticles will shoot fire at you. Both on each side and the Octopus will rise randomly and try to squirt water at you; while you are trying to brush the fireballs. Don't stand directly in front of the octopus or you WILL get KILLED. brush of the fireballs and shoot at the tenticles when they come then get out of Niphino Octopus' line of sight and shoot him from a diagnal point on the raft. He will dissapear again after shooting him for a second. He is a hard boss, but if you follow through with the strategy, you should make quick sushi out of him!

The best console ever strikes back online with a vengence. Too bad not everyone can see eye to eye with it.
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Super Nintendo's : Pocky and Rocky Walkthrough (Incomplete)
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