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 Super Nintendo's Legend of the Mystical Ninja Walkthrough

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PostSubject: Super Nintendo's Legend of the Mystical Ninja Walkthrough   Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:13 am

Legend of the Mystical Ninja is an action + platformer that takes place in ancient Japan. Some people that I know of did not like this game and the reason of it being is because it was a game people never understood. It is in some cases random and very challenging. It will take some practice time to get good at it. Even then many people would gripe on zbattle because they got hit, or I took more money or die or some petty little thing like that. Yes those people suck, but enough about stupid people let's get on with the walk through. I will not deal with telling you tidbits that explain the story of the game, or spoilers. I will just tell you what to expect in each level and what you should do next.

Playing this game with 2 players is very fun though, if they don't whine or if they don't suck. Well anyways get enough enough cash from the villagers p.s. (the villagers in other Goemon games are peaceful and do not attack unless you attack them), but in this game the villagers are your enemies as well. You can gain cat dolls which boost the range of your melee attacks, scrolls help you to use magic when you train in Dojos and money (Ryo). You can also throw ryo at enemies by changing in your melee weapon to the ranged weapon with R button. Keep in mind that throwing ryo costs money and you DO need money in this game. For all sorts of various things.

To make the game more enjoyable I will give the rundown of the various basic items in the game and how they help you. Pizza will automatically refill your life gauge once you get hit where you would get killed and use up a new life. It helps prevent that, clogs (you can buy a max of 9) increase your speed up to 3 times, once you get hit, your clogs, pieces of armor you buy or helmet (shot damage) decreases by one. When your clogs reach 2 you will get slower, and when they reach 1 you will be much slower than normal so try not to get hit as best you can. It pays off in later levels, but I would not worry so much about game overs because you can continue the same chapter over and over again. Or you may want to continue like me and finish the game in one day. Armors are sort of like pizza, but the number that you can use decrease over time as you get hit and when your armor is gone, your life decreases as you get hit. On all that knowledge though you are now probably ready to start playing the game.

Warlock Zone 1: After the silly cut scene head outside and make around $200 ryo by wacking villagers with your pipe. Once you mug $200 ryo out of em, go to the cabin on the left side and stock up on pizza and clogs, I wouldn't bother with bombs, as in ryo is a lot better and costs less to throw, but it is up to you. Go right and upward evading and killing villagers, it doesn't much matter anyways because they hate you too. Once you made it up the villagers will turn into weird looking creatures. On a side note : don't hit women villagers because you lose $100 ryo every time that happens which is a good chunk of money. Run into them instead and they well give you $50 ryo instead. Head to the cabin if some of the villagers harmed you alittle. If you have 4 life remaining buy the least costly food. If you only have two life, buy the middle. Don't buy the most expensive, you will not need it. Keep on going west and you may see a cabin. Don't go in yet keep going until you hit the side scrolling stage.
Keep trekking on right while killing fireballs and weird umbrellas. When you reach the bell hit it and all the fireballs will turn to ryo.
After the bell step down using down + b, you will not see it, but there is a R.I.P. stone underneath you. Just keep going down. Hopefully you will have at least 3 clogs in your arsenal. Jump to the right side of the stone and push it to the left. It will reveal a hole. While going through the underground cavern some of the rocks have either 2 or 3 stones surrounding the treasure. You MUST have at least have that many clogs respectively to jump over that many rocks. If you do, go after the golden cat doll at the end. It will increase your max health. Now exit and keep going right, there are umbrellas and ghouls this time which come out of the ground. Quickly dispose of them and be on your merry way. Now here comes...

Warlock Zone 1 - Boss Fight : Ghost Witch

pssh give me a break, yeah with some plates. This bitch is a cinch, just anticipate where her dishes move and hit them with your pipe. Be careful not to hit the dish, if you do that's okay. Dominoes will serve you up. Just don't get hit too much and you may lose a life and be forced to start back over. Watch the dishes closely and wack them if they come up to you. With in a dozen or so hits she will be exorcised. Now after the cut scene you will go back to the village. If you have at least $100 up to this point you can easily earn cash by playing wack a mole in the mini games where the fat looking majin buu guy is a game host.
I wouldn't play any of the games besides wack a mole because it is easy to play and perfect scores are easy to get. You could easily rack up $1000 ryo by playing wack a mole, instead of paint and vase, but it is your choice. You try to find the best way to get money.
There will be questionare booths, horse race bettings, lotteries, concentration games, gambling, wack a mole and maze games. All these are used to try and get money. I hate gambling, but it's just my opinion. I use other ways to get quick money. You find the best way to gain your income. Trust me though you'll need much near the end of the game. Anyways though, head to the most southern part of the map and talk to the travel agents in the house near the edge of the sea to the right. Pick a visa and your on your way to....

Warlock Zone 2

Okay so now you're in Warlock Zone 2, where do you go from there? Head left. The Oogy Boogy Boys aren't much of a threat, they just stand there dancing. Wack them with your goemon pipe. Keep heading left and you will see a house. If you lost all your pizza it's a good time to restock on that and clogs. You can also buy the straw armor, but only protects you from one attack.
Now go down, and somewhere along the line you will meet up with samurai. These guys are fast, but they stop to try and attack. They can be easily beaten with one ryo a piece. Now make your way up the bridge where they will jump to throw coins down at you. Be quick! Once you see one toss a coin and he will trip up. Two of these old guys should try to hinder your progress. Keep going, another band of stupid samurai shows up. Dispose of them with ryo coins and make your way down
going to the left you will see blue suited villagers. It is crucial for you to recognize the mugs that they throw and dodge them. Once you make your way across try and visit the majin buu guy and rack up money with the mole mini game.
Once you go down kill all the Ooogy Boogy Boys and enter the tent.Once you go into the tent, you will face....

Warlock Zone 2 - Boss Fight : Lantern Pig

This guy is a bit tricky if you don't know what your doing, after the dialogue sequence and his trash talk;and as soon as the fight begins, jump up and throw ryos like crazy at the upper and middle section of his lanterns. you can also try hitting the lanterns by jumping up with your melee weapon, but i would not recommend that because they can easily torch you with fire if you can't jump out of the way. Sometimes he will jump to the opposite side of the screen. Being as it may i would stay safely on his lantern ship so that i don't get hit on the ground. After disposing of all the lanterns find a safe spot to kill the bottom ones. Once all of them are disposed of he turns his face into a big. Ha this part is easy, just throw ryo at him, or wack him with the stick as soon as he lands. It will take him a few times to attack again, this is a good opportunity to move a bit. Try not to hit him repeatidly and maneuver out of the way of his jumps when he pauses for a few to a good several seconds. In a matter of minutes he'll be pork roast. After the carnival prepare for...

Warlock Zone 3

As soon as you enter this zone there won't be anyone attacking you. As you move along though there are sharp cards that are being thrown at you. You must zigzag your way across to keep from getting hit. As a matter of fact throw a ryo at them and they are good as dead. There a 3 of those suited clowns; 2 on one side and one on the other. After that ordeal move into the tent. you will see happy fat white ugly pasted goobers in town. Keep killing them as they give $10 ryo each, but you probably already new that. There is a restaurant on the right side of the screen if you are running low on health and have no pizza or armor. Keep going though; you will find : lotteries, mazes, quiz games, gambling horse races and money earning games.
Like I said though the wack a mole is the most easiest game to grub on money.
Quizzes and Mazes are pretty good too, and fun.Once you make your way past all of you should have close to $2000 or $3000 ryo. Make your way across the bridge through the exits and fight the top view villagers along the way. Once you get close enough prepare for.

Warlock Zone 3 - Mini Boss Fight : Big Red Octopus

This boss isn't a real boss fight at all. a few swings of a stick or several ryo can hurt and kill the poor bastard. Then again you can just walk right past the Octopus, but then again it will shoot many octopus' at you. Try and kill him then head towards...

Warlock Zone 4

You start off in this zone on the beach. There seems to look like there a priests about on the island. You should just head northeast up from the bank. Now this is the part where you will need cash. It would be great to have a healthy number of lives so that you can complete the next several warlock zones hopefully without any game overs. You can buy an hour glass too i think and either pizza or clogs in that store upwards from the beach at the left corner. Avoid the robot parasols as if you hit one, your pizza will get stolen. Continue to the right and make your way down dodging the deer. Don't hit them because if you do you'll lose a chunk of change. On towards the next screen make another right and hit wall the on the first white house. Your clogs will come in handy here because of all the bonuses and the +2 max health you get from the orange cat doll. After you exit the underground passage continue right and you will be able to see a big temple.
Enter the temple and go up through the room with blue floors, turn and make a left and hit the invisible pot. You will get a weapon upgrade i think to make the weapon's range longer. Continue onward warding off hand standers, bomb spiders and automatic rolling human balls. Try to avoid the long range pits if you can, in fact I would advise you not to even try and jump over them. Just keep going right and the blue floor to the right contains a max health pickup. Here is where the level gets a bit more dangerous. You will have to jump on the spring to activate the room that turns the room clockwise at a 90 degree angle. You will need to avoid spikes and jump across pits to survive this ordeal. Keep heading east then jump across the pit where the spikes fall down. Try to avoid falling into the pit and continue onward while ducking, hit the rolling balls repeatedily about 4 times should knock them out and jump in the next pit where the arrows point downward. You will then come across spinning platforms that you must jump to and from without falling. This part is annoying but it's safe to fall because there are no pits in the section. Work your way up one step at a time. Anticipate when the platform will be safe to jump. (right before it comes around from behind.) If you keep jumping on bars that way, you should have no problems crossing
After that you will follow a brief series of metal platforms that reel out gifts like a slot machine. Depending on what you get, it could be good or bad. You may be bombarded with hearts and get lucky, or you may have to fight rolling clowns, or try to evade bombs that drop. After you make your way across get ready for.

Warlock Zone 4 - Boss Fight : Sumo Face

This boss isn't so hard if you know what to do. First of all stay in the middle and when the first clown bounces the ball, try to out maneuver it, but ducking below. When the ball is not coming after you take the opportunity to fling ryo at the 1st baller. You will quickly take him out and the ball will bounce around in the air. quickly ryo the other baller. Do not try and use melee attacks against him. Once both die a soul will swirl and Sumo Face shows up. Stand on the left side of the screen and don't even move a directional inch. To prevail in this battle. Just toss ryo at him at the right time. When he starts to inflate duck under him while standing still and throw ryo at his chin. He will soon pop and you will be on your way to...

Warlock Zone 5

This is an interesting level, I think this level begins with a woman who actually shoots musket fire at you. I think helmet defense will come in handy for shot attacks, but there are also wanderers and axe berserkers on the screen. Try to kill them for money, do so with the musketeer. But you have to stay above her or she'll hit you. Once you get down the mountain path try to kill pigs to get money for a full pizza, some gold armor and clogs. There is no majin buu game at the moment in this level. Once you get all those items, run full speed up the mountain path to avoid bomb chucking ninjas. Once you get through the door way you'll come across. The main side scrolling entrance.
This level is probably the second most hardest level to complete and the boss is the hardest you will face up till now. But as far as that goes, try not to fall in the pits, this level is notorious for pit falling and you will start over with $0 ryo if you get a game over so BE CAREFUL. The 1st part up to near the big yellow circle platforms that click clack you will need precision with advanced jump timing. This is a heart racer because after the second elephant, you will have to jump on the bells in succession without falling once. Beware of the ninjas that throw green mini ninjas. Just aim up and throw a ryo or shuriken at it if you are Ebisumaru.Make your way across avoiding the yellow tick tocks and keep going.
Things get a bit hairy from this point forward in the level, after the three window ninjas, ladies with dishes will be skimming across the floor, you must hurry and take them out or hurry and jump over their food before they run away. It is very tricky to do and needs much focus. If you can come across them and throw a ryo to shut them up that's good, but you can't celebrate yet after you get across to the next area because there is a boss fight up ahead.

Warlock Zone 5 - Boss Fight : Sasuke

Sasuke is the first really hard boss fight in the game, but ironically he is in the other goemon games to help you out. The battle starts off with two ninjas who try to jump knife you. When they get near you, jump out of the way and use a ryo or ashuriken to take both of them out. After those two are destroyed the next will jump and try to shoot shurikens at you. Luckily these are easy enough to dodge; kill them both and another two of sasuke's henchmen will arrive. The next wave will float in the air and try to send mini packets of sasukes. Another easy wave, duck and kill the wave of henchmen with a few wacks (4 mini sasukes each) and kill the two henchmen. Now you'd better get ready because you will probably need a lot of pizza, and armor.
If you don't have any better say your prayers or fight the best you can cause it's gonna get ugly.
Not only does sasuke run randomly around the screen his pattern is so hard to follow he shoots 8 shurikens in each every direction leaving you with very little evade space. If you can avoid trying to hit him with melee. In fact he will probably knock your out cold with that tactic. He runs everywhere and where he turns up next is totally unpredictable. try to move to his move and get in a ryo hit every chance you get. You can try to dodge, but I wouldn't worry about it, you will probably get hit. Luckily you can make the game alot easier with pizza and armor. About 15 to 20 hits will make sasuke change his ways. The next cut scene ensues. Get ready for

Warlock Zone 6

As in Warlock Zone 4 you will be able to get another chance at gaining more lives, plus the place is huge. That doesn't go without saying though that you'll only have to visit a couple of places. If you're running out of money go into the green house near the beginning of the zone and play some Wack a Mole games. Once you get enough try to buy a tan pass at the bottom portion of the area from where you came. A ticket. This ticket will allow you to pass through the side scroll stage from the raccoon blocking the path. To get there, go up north from the ticket shop and head west.
The raccoon will let you pass. Keep going west, killing monkeys and flying pigeons along the way. As you are going west you will come across a bridge, hop from one log to the next and you'll find a pot. Smash the pot to get a weapon upgrade and hopefully kill the pigeon so that you will not get hit and lose your weapon upgrade. Keep going and you'll soon hit a dead end, get ready for...

Warlock Zone 6 - Mini Boss Fight : Samurai Trio

Okay this part is not so hard, you just have to stay in the middle and kill both of the two red samurais. When there is only one left he is a blue color and well shoot a leaf at you every time he jumps across. Keep shooting ryo while dodging his leaf and the trio will be the three dead amigos.

Warlock Zone 6 - Part 2

So now that the Samurais are taken care of keep trekking to the right and you will come across a waterfall canyon. there are craw fish, monkeys. This part of the game reminds me of tall tall mountains in Super Mario 64. It's very similar, but anyways keep going up the platforms and try to keep from falling off. The swimming fish are a hinder to that. Dispose of the fish but be careful while you are on the platform. You have to take into consideration of you being outside the waterfall or inside. You can meet an untimely demise if you aren't careful, just try to climb your way up and soon you'll be facing....

Warlock Zone 6 - Boss Fight : Big Heavy Sumo

First off I'd like to say the hanging around near the end of the walls works wonders because the enemy does not smash you, but this won't work all the time in this boss. There are two battles in fighting Big Heavy Sumo. The first is that he is a floating box and that you will not actually fight him until the box has been beaten. Try avoiding the cherry leaves by moving smoothly out of the way when they fall down, if the box comes down to try and crush you. Try to get out of harms way when the box does come down and avoid using melee attacks unless you have a medium to long range yo yo enhancement. Once you crush the box, now it's time to fight for real.
This guy is no pushover and I could see how this guy would be very difficult to many because of this wide assortment of attacks. But it goes without saying that this guy definetly has a pattern. When the Heavy Sumo first comes out of its shell it will do 3 hops along the ground to try and crush you. Look for the 3rd hop and CRAWL under him instead of WALK. Ducking down while moving greatly decreases the risk of him hitting you. Always stay far back and when he turns his head your time for ryo hitting is open. Let him take a few hits. And when he spews out white material try to jump over all three sneezes, one after another. When he goes to hop at you again you might want to throw some change at him and crawl under his 3rd jump. Once you've beat him this Sumo will be out of the ring for good and you'll be the kingpin. Pat yourself on the back you beat a very hard boss.

Warlock Zone 7

This Zone of the game is probably the most shortest level of them all and very easy too. First coming from the house keep going right all the way, hopefully you'll have some pizza left and maybe a bit of armor. keep going through the sandy oceanic retreat until you find a red gate. That gate is the side scrolling level which takes you farther on up. You will have to smack birds that carry blue bombs, beware of those because they are somewhat of a nuiscense. Make your way across the logs and buoys in the water. There are several golden cats that will also increase your max health if you take the time to get them. So get those and you will come across...

Warlock Zone 7 - Boss Fight : The Haryuu Dragon

Okay this boss isn't that hard. The Dragon will Rise on either the left or ride side of the screen and that will be your cue to run to the opposite side. Once you get to the opposite side and the Dragon is still there within ryo range, hit him with all you got and when his mouth opens he'll shoot fireballs. Just duck down rinse and repeat and he's done for.

Warlock Zone 8

This is probably one of the longest and most perilous zones in the game. When you first start off there will be masked devils throwing hammers at you, and the bad part is, is that the hammers follow you for a dozen seconds before they disappear. If you can help it, try to find the game studio guy in make around $3000 to $3500 ryo if you haven't gotten the money or spent it all.
Once you do that keep going up from the bay and enter the castle grounds, buy some pizza, clogs, armor and text and go inside the castle. The text that you just got will help you understand the language of the king in the castle. Now back out of the castle, until you find a wall of statues that radiate from the castle wall. Open up the first statue and get everything and exit. Go back to the statues again and enter the 2 last statues on the right by blasting them open with your melee weapon. Get everything in there and go back a forth time to open the 2nd statue from the left.
You will enter a palace with funky music and the raccoon will ask if you want to proceed. Go ahead and proceed to the side scrolling area. Keep going right and watch out for the flames with eyeballs. Keep going left and you will enter an area that looks as familiar as the donkey kong games with Mario. Climb up the ladders and be careful not to misstep and fall in the pit. Dodge the fireballs that come out of the stone dragons' mouths and continue up. You can stop them from swarming by killing the statues, but it's not crucial. Go to the upper most platform of the fires and ladders and kill that statue. It will open up a passage that has the elevator go upwards.
Warlock Zone 8 Gets harder from this point Forward, as the elevator goes up you have to kill the face eggs that burst and let out a goober that can get you if you don't have armor. That's not the hard part, the hard part is after that. You will need to jump on stilts that are only a centimeter in width and each space is a pit between them. There are 8 or 9 in a row, maybe 10 and you must jump across all of them before the carpenters knock you off the cliff. Surprisingly once you do that make no hesitation to jump across the Himaya Carpenter because he'll throw a hammer at you. Keep on trekking and you will come across...

Warlock Zone 8 - Mini Boss Fight : Slinky

A moderate boss to beat, not too easy not too tough. This boss is a tower of pieces that slink up as being rectangular shapes. One after another you have to jump on each one like platforms and you have to kill the top of the piece as you go along. One right after the other. Once you kill a piece, that piece will be gone and you will have to kill the next one up. Repeat the process of jumping on each piece and the last one will fly...

Warlock Zone 8 - Part 2

So now since you beat Slinky. You will drop on a mini roller coaster. Be careful and take into consideration when the next coaster is coming up. Your coaster will hop but do not jump yet. On the next platform you will need to jump though, then duck under a wall. After the wall jump over the two squares and duck again. If you were skillful you should land on the brown platforms that intertwine.
This part is also a heart racer for me because it's so near the end, and if you lose you will be forced to start Warlock Zone 8 all over again. You must be very, very careful in this area where the platforms circle. You'll circle along when your standing on the brown platforms, but when you get off the platform will stop. It will help you to make a plan and hop up one platform to another. It should really be explained to avoid the long pit down. It will screw you up. Especially if you don't have any lives. Keep making your way up the platforms,and there are almost no enemies in that area besides one or two of the egg goobers. Ignore them and head up the ladder to the right.
You will be at a save point elephant again, just keep going right, successfully jumping across the platforms and you'll be headed into another heart racing battle...

Warlock Zone 8 - Boss Fight : Tip Top Slinky

This boss is very annoying. The problem is you must not let the spikes get the best of you and let you fall. The objective of this fight is to turn Slinky all the way upside down. Yes, that head that you beat in the mini boss is actually the boss in this stage
When you first play this boss, first thing that comes to mind is wow this is the final showdown and I was so totally wrong about that. Give the Slinky head a smack from the left side to make him turn right, then a big smack from the right to make him turn his ass over. If you did it right you will be victorious. And another cut scene ensues.

The Final Warlock Zone

Compared to stage 8 this stage is clockwork. You have the task of beating the master mind of this story. And much reward should come out of that. First go down through the building, watch out for shoguns who will shoot a spread of bullets, 3 bullets streaming outward from his gun. There will also be annoying lantern blue guys and other stupid people. But enough about that. If you still have pizza left and armor the last battle will be a cinch. Go to the right and the King will tell you off a passage through the wall. Go back through the place where you first started, but instead of going south like you originally did. Try and wack the wall and it will crack. Note that you must talk to the king first before that happens, you will be on your way across the bamboo town where money counterfeiters are trying to stop the Goemon from arresting the master mind behind the story. Keep going across the houses, and take out any guys that try to stop you. somewhere along there is a golden fortune doll. Get it, you will need it. And you will need lots of money for this mission as well. Luckily you already knew about the Wack a mole game ahead of time so around $200 or $300 ryo will do just fine. Keep evading enemies and jump on the rope at the end of the section. Continue your way up through the clouds. Still clouds are fine to stay on but you must keep moving on moving clouds as they will temporarily disappear after awhile. Two shoguns block the parameter. Take both of them out with ryo coins. Enter the door where the Final Boss ensues....

The Final Warlock Zone - Final Boss Battle?

Okay remember that lantern pig in Warlock Zone 2, well you have to fight him again. Again use the same tactics, throw lots of ryo at the lanterns and watch out for the lantern's fire attacks keep jumping up and down to take out all lanterns at a time and as soon as they are killed go for the pigs head when it shows and you will go to the next battle without a break

The Final Warlock Zone - Final Boss Battle?

Okay now you have to fight Sumo Face again with no break in between, you'd better try not to get hit though, it should be easy enough though. Stay on the left hand corner, jump and throw ryo then duck when he gets inflated and hit his chin. He should be out for the count.

The Final Warlock Zone - Final Boss Battle!! : General Bandersnatch

If you've made it thus far then you are about almost finished, all you need to do is try and shoot arrows with coins or your melee attack, I prefer coins and you have to hit the Bandersnatch in the game. This fight is actually not that rough compared to some of the other fights i dealt with. It is probably the second hardest up from Sasuke being the first. You will have to evade arrows and knock back the Bandersnatch by hitting him in the head with the shooting arrow. Keep using the ryo to shoot the last arrow from the Bandersnatch and General. If the General gets too close and you feel the arrows will be homing on you and you don't think you can get a direct hit; take cover just right near to them. their only attack is the arrows thus far. Move back when you think it is safe to get a strike.
After killing the Bandersnatch with head shots, the General Comes into play. If you are not careful he will rip you apart, you should try avoiding to stay in open spaces. You should only go into open spaces to lure him in from he ceiling. stay to the edge of the screen and just go on a ryo spree. He's favorite attacks are rolling everywhere on the ground and ceiling. It's supposed to make him hard, but just stay on the edge and throw ryo. Soon enough you'll beat him. And that's the end.

Now you can watch the silly movie that doesn't make any sense, I wish they showed a picture of him sawing his head off instead, it would have made it more interesting. That old man's gone senile.

The best console ever strikes back online with a vengence. Too bad not everyone can see eye to eye with it.
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Super Nintendo's Legend of the Mystical Ninja Walkthrough
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