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 Rogue Galaxy PS2.

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Rogue Galaxy PS2. Empty
PostSubject: Rogue Galaxy PS2.   Rogue Galaxy PS2. Icon_minitime1Wed Mar 18, 2015 10:03 am

This is quite a new action rpg from Level-5. It has Jaster, Deego, Jupis, Lilika, Kisala, Zegram, Simon and Steve. The quite new thing about this rpg is that it uses action roleplaying points. Zegram, Simon and Steve can all use their new games without leveling. The thing about this game is it's role playing and then action when you can use their new forms without trying too much. Zegram, Simon and Steve play what is great on the screen. You can buy abilities from getting lenny and items from the enemies you defeat. 100-20%... Arrrgh is one of Deego and Simon's Special Techniques. What you do from this point on is you keep playing until you score an item and then go into the menu and equip it. Once that menu is equipped, you'll be able to keep playing that item.

Zegram, Simon and Steve all play their best, assuming that they all use their abilities when equipped. Zegram and Simon both have a good one to play to their ability knowing they know how to play it when equipped. Simon is a good one to play and have on your team with it's three shot guns and 1 hand cannon move along with it's abilities. Also Lilika and Kisala have theirs as well. The action can get pretty bad up near one point at the end where enemies do like 200 a hit or so with what you have right now. When equipped, one will take over the others. Lilika and Kisala both have plenty of serpentine arrows right now.

The music for this game is great now, being that you can only get certain items from enemies at one point at time during the movie. This is a pretty good game you can play. And jaster has to beat the orb with one of his own arrows. This is going to be a pretty big test as you can have the jester stick out two claws out at you. I see this much. So far this is to be a pretty big king as you see more than 2 sticks out at you at once. Be careful with Valkagoog so far as he's going to be nasty as you keep hitting him. Once you've done all that, be careful. After completing the 100% trying ace flow, I think you get an item for that once you've beaten it.

Be careful, the game well start going once you beat it. I enough sure did. Anyways good luck out there. Kevin Mitchell.
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Rogue Galaxy PS2.
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