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 Don't play this guy.

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Don't play this guy. Empty
PostSubject: Don't play this guy.   Don't play this guy. Icon_minitime1Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:46 pm

Okay so I'm in a z-net room with this japanese user who shall rename nameless for now. He hosts a game called Gokuojo Parodius which is a funny little shooter. Not 2 minutes after I'm downloading his game he says, you can download from another site this is too slow. First off he waited a long time for me to come in his room which was a favor for him and second, the time it took me to download the game from him was less than that in which he could wait for me to get done with the game. Impatient asshole.

We started the game and he found out the 2 player wasn't able for each other to play at the same time. So guess what? This asshole threw the towel and quit. Not only that, but I specifically asked him if he had lost which on my screen he got killed. And he couldn't answer or didn't answer. I'm tired of playing types of people online in which they come in a room or I join only to leave in less than 5 minutes after gameplay.

The last person I played in Hard Secret of Mana was an extreme wimp who thought that fighting slimes took valiant effort. Also the sheer fact he had to complain about the difficulty of the game made him give up BEFORE I was able to save, WHILE I was playing. I'm tired of playing wimpy players who can't have fun through difficulty and only last less than 15 minutes of play. Luckily there are a few players online who I really call people who will last longer than a certain period of play. But they are RARE. So many disloyal people online that rage quit it's not even funny.

Don't play this guy. Super_10 The best console ever strikes back online with a vengence. Too bad not everyone can see eye to eye with it.
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Don't play this guy.
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