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 Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time N64 Review

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Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time N64 Review Empty
PostSubject: Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time N64 Review   Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time N64 Review Icon_minitime1Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:44 am

Think back in the medival days of swords, knights, mystical creatures, skeletons (stalfos), shrub creatures, living statues, cathedrals, castles, forests and mythical tools that help you throughout the vast reachs of hyrule. There is only one series that fore goes that theory and that is Zelda. Back then there were three goddesses. Naryu, Faorae, and Din. The Fire goddess Din created the world and cultivated the land to make it commonplace for civilization to boon and exist. Faorae helped produce the world with rich vegatation and water for people to live on and flourish. Naryu the water goddess helped create law and order to the civilization in order for its havoc not to grow across the land. You start off as Link, a hyrulian child who lives in the Kokori forest with the other elves. Suddenly, an annoying fairy named Navi is beckoned by the Great Deku Tree to call Link from his slumber because an evil man named Ganondorf is off to try to rule the world and you have to go on a perilous quest in order to defeat the King of Darkness himself.

The graphics and aesthetics of the game resemble a sort of blocky sort of graphic in three dimensional nature. Not to dissapoint though, the graphics are very good for a three dimensional model resembling blocky lava, to lush forests, crusty deserts, icy caves and landscapes. Dark Palaces and religious chapels, not to mention dark dungeons. This here is a true medival theme for the Japanese RPG Gaming franchise. Being as it may having a sort of three dimensional look, this game is very very lenghty in terms of environmental properties.
The sounds are quit profound, giving off soft melodies to very dark enriching and sometimes a scary atmospheric, to very bubbly. The ambience pitches resemble most of that when playing Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time. You can expect jingles in one area as well in the game.

To its core the staple of Legend of Zelda starts you off with three hearts total as you make your way through the game. In the magic land of the kokori forest there is a sword and shield that you get in order to combat the evil minions throughout the game. Deku Scrubs, Stalfos, Keise, LikeLikes, undead enemies, traps, living statues, Lizards, Witches, Spiders, Octoroks, and other notorious foes will get in your way. In the vast land of hyrule each quest of the game has you obtain a certain relic in order to smash yourself into hyrule castle and turn adult so you can then get other relics to turn the tide of battle and kill Ganon. In each temple there is a boss that needs to be beaten and a certain tool or weapon in the game used frequently in the next temple you go to. These weapons can range from bombs, to bows and arrows, boomerang, hookshot, ironboots, slingshot, longshot, ice arrows, lens of truth, to various other key relics such as medallions and gems in order for the keys to unlock to the master sword or being able to finally seal ganon. Each tool works as a key for the next area. You can also play magical notes that can help you complete a certain task in the game whether it is to change time or go through a key area in a temple or warp to a different location in the World of Zelda. You can also collect heart pieces that turn into a full heart piece after you get four one fourth heart pieces to complete your life gauge by one. Also the maximum number of hearts you can get is twenty and each boss produces one maximum heart gauge after you beat it.

Not to mention you can also visit the fairy temples where the magic fairy who is dressed pretty provocatively (not that that's a bad thing lol) sometimes gives you magic or a certain skill in order to help you in your quest. Some magic like Din's Fire or Naryu's Love is needed for Fire or Barrier or maybe even to warp yourself out of a dungeon when the going gets rough.

The controls are that of a typical nintendo 64 controller. Giving you a wide range scope of different moves and actions in the game. "A" typically is your main action button with what it basically says what it does on the screen. "B" is always your main sword slash button that typically slashes horizontally, vertically or jump slash which is done "Z" target with "A". "Z" button targeting is used to lock on to enemies near and far and can be used to also reset the camera to (right behind link) when necessary to make fighting easier. The start button goes inside the menu to select an item or equip armors, shield and clothing to help you in your quest. The great thing about the game is also the use of "C" which lets you customize the tools that you want to use in your quest to defeating Ganon and saving Hyrule. "C" left, right, and down can be used to pick the tool in order to use that tool in the main real time game area.
Certain key items can be highlighted as well in order to use in the process, just hit start; go into the menu and set the item to which "C" button you want to use.

Throughout the quest of Hyrule Link lives on to see that the Land of Hyrule is saved, Ganon destroyed and that his woman Zelda is sure to be saved on the brink of an opposing darkness.
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Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time N64 Review Empty
PostSubject: Re: Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time N64 Review   Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time N64 Review Icon_minitime1Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:39 pm

Great Review, Amazing Game!
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Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time N64 Review
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