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 Final Fantasy 3

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy 3    Final Fantasy 3  Icon_minitime1Sat May 11, 2013 7:16 pm

The nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy 3 DS was revamped from the nintendo version of the game. However the explanation of both games will be discussed in this chapter review. For those who have played the nintendo DS version and not the regular nintendo the nintendo DS version was made easier than the original by itself. So this game is not mistaken with final fantasy 6. The game in which starts off with Terra and company. Final Fantasy starts of with explaining that the earth has begun to shake and rot and everything in the world of final fantasy 3 will become void with the stop of time. In the nintendo DS version the game starts of with Luneth who is the main character of the story. Arc, Refia and Ingus will soon follow you in your quest to save the world from the void. The difference is the regular version automatically starts off with all four party members, so in that aspect there is more of an advantage starting off in the original version. In the remake Luneth fights the first boss alone. The story in the remake begins to grow more in the DS version as much as it is understood. The story in the original is more simplified, but that is regular nintendo for you.

Speaking of which, the graphics in the final fantasy remake are obviously better than the original, but blaming that on the time periods would be specifically unfair, so that really should not make one game from the other better than another. The graphics for the original are in aspect okay. Nothing to write home about. The characters start off as onion warriors rather than freelancers in the remake. Sadly enough telling you every little detail and difference about each would be impossible as my determination to not play through the original final fantasy 3 hinders my knowledge. And since only being able as of now, to beat the remake of final fantasy 3, I could tell you much about that one. The sound for both are much the same as far as the tempo and beats. The regular battles and boss battles are catchy and keep the speed of the game in tact. I can tell you now though that the original is probably much harder than the remake. In some aspects the games are the same, but playing the original due to the game play will be a harder task.

The reason for the remake being easier than the original is the consequences of using jobs, and the number of enemies you will fight in each battle. Being subjected to only a three monster fight in the fray will be more easier than having to overcome 5 or even 9 monsters at a time. Story wise I know the games are pretty much the same, but trying to know what each of the airships and even submerging underwater. My knowledge is limited in the original. One "main" difference is that whenever you feel like switching job classes in the remake only your stats such as strength, vitality,intelligence,mind and agility are changed and under those circumstances you are subjected to powering down. You really won't have to worry much because your abilities will eventually rise when you make a job adjustment depending on how many enemies you will have to fight. The more your job role is "alike" to the next job you switch will determine how many battles you fight until the adjustment takes place. This is only in the remake. The original is much more strict. When you fight a monster, you have to gain capacity points in ORDER to change job classes. And depending on the job class and how much they phase eachother you'll have to spend more for jobs that are more out of touch. This makes the original more of a pain to play than the remake and you'll have to try to spend capacity points wisely when you feel the need to switch.

The battles in the game are really pretty basic, and both games are similar in this aspect. Whenever changing a job class is on the agenda, depending on your role, you will have one or two different sub commands you can use in battle. Jobs such as knights use defend to defend an ally against physical attacks, or you can have vikings provoke your enemies to keep them from attacking your allies. Further more you can use magic as a red mage, black or white mage to inflict all sorts of offensive or defensive magic in battle. What job you use is totally up to you when you fight. There are all sorts of ways to fight, you just have to keep fighting in order to power up that class for maximum efficiency.

On the field maps in town when you traverse the world you are in you will meet many support characters who will also help you with your fight against Xande. You will also be able to explore unmarked land and power up as you go along in the game in your fight against the immortal Xande against time. Be vigilant, restore peace to a timeless world and eventually you will extinguish the darkness and bring light.

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Final Fantasy 3
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