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 Gamer's Haven. Freelance Support threads

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PostSubject: Gamer's Haven. Freelance Support threads   Gamer's Haven. Freelance Support threads Icon_minitime1Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:01 pm

Okay because I feel like the General Discussion page as to which I have talked earlier to is messy I'm going to get down to business and clean up! First of all topics that are referring to any game at any time without general nonsense crap are going to be put over in Advertisement section.And also at least everything else. At least until someone gets up and programs a "Gaming Talk" section which should be main from the General Discussion Thread. I feel like no one is doing anything better to help and as I result if it goes to waste so be it, but generally most of you know I have put my 100% into reviews and other miscellanious stuff. You can't wait for a miracle to happen you just have to help. Even though this is my last ditch effort into streaming out the site. Literally no one comes on so I pretty much figure it will be dead. You can only ask for things, if someone doesn't wanna do it you just have to respect their choice.

Okay I'm going to be hosting. Maybe if other people see that it looks better, maybe it'll gain more recognition. And I'll probably be cleaning up some other stuff from other topics as well.

Gamer's Haven. Freelance Support threads Super_10 The best console ever strikes back online with a vengence. Too bad not everyone can see eye to eye with it.
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Gamer's Haven. Freelance Support threads
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