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 Contra 3 - The Alien Wars - Incomplete Walkthrough (Hard Mode)

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PostSubject: Contra 3 - The Alien Wars - Incomplete Walkthrough (Hard Mode)   Contra 3 - The Alien Wars - Incomplete Walkthrough (Hard Mode) Icon_minitime1Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:15 am

I decided to make a walkthrough for this game since there are not many walkthroughs on this forum. For starters, this is a shooting game from Koonami, another excellent company that makes pretty good high quality games. This game was released in 1992 and I really haven't heard of it until I decided to play on zbattle because of the popularity of it. This mode of the game will explain what to do in really critical situations and the best weapon to use in that moment of time. Even so bombs should be fired everytime you have a chance, since they reset to 1 every time you die. Hard mode is difficult I will tell you that and you got to have the skills if you want to finish this mode.

Stage 1 - The Streets of Contra Okay here it goes. You start off on what seems to be a random part of the street. As you keep your head alert you will find floating power ups that come your way. You will encounter several enemies that shoot fast bullets followed by a grenader and a mutant dog that will run after you when you pass it. Get the floating Barrier "B" and jump over the enemies while taking them out with a nuke "A" button. You'll see another grenader, but this time he's on a platform above. He is constantly throwing grenades and this game doesn't mess around, so you have to dodge as he quickly bombards you with those grenades. As you carry on and fight enemies you will see another flying powerup. Get the "S" scatter and you will be able to shoot with widespread damage. The only downfall to this is that while it has good range the damage is relatively weak. Get in the tank and start trucking without getting out of the tank. Fire at stuff as hard as you can cause things are going to get serious up to the dual artillery cannon walls. Your tank will probably break due to the enemies' constant grenade attacks. Once you're out of the tank use this advantage to smoke them out with a nuke and be on your merry way. There are two of these walls in the level that you will encounter and a gunner on the top of it, so quickly take him out. Once you are past there you will see an enemy tank. Stand on the far left side and just shoot with "C" charge rockets, "M" missles or "L" lasers. Don't jump though and he should be dead soon. Make your way, but instead of the regular enemies you encounter you will have to deal with lava, and fires that explode from the ground. Shoot at the wave of fire that pulses up from the ground to cool it down and jump across. Make your way across the two fireballs that leap among the ashes of fire and keep moving. You will soon encounter a boss.

Boss 1 - Turtle Alien : This boss is a bit tricky on hard mode as he will constantly spray bugs and bullets at you. There are three main things that you have to watch out for; you have to watch out for the pellets that he will constantly shoot at you, the raid of bugs that will constantly fill the screen and his cannon laser that shoots out of his mouth. I would probably stay on the upper tier of the three platforms when Turtle Alien makes the extreme spray come out of his mouth so that you can dodge his flash bullets. If you stay under, you will be trapped and will be susceptible to getting killed. Start off by using 3 nukes at the start of the battle, and shoot at the red navel below the turtle. Quickly jump up and start attacking the top part. If you follow these steps he should be killed in no time.

Stage 2 - The Road Riot : At the beginning of this stage, you will realize that you will be fighting your way across enemies in bird's eye mode. There are a few tricky parts of the stage that probably need to be explained, so you will be able to get across with almost no problem. First off there are 5 barrier caps with red aliens inside them that need to be taken out. Also watch out for green mutant bugs that will spray a wide range of bullets at you. You should also watch out for the army of drones that will constantly leer to shoot at you. There are about two barrier capped enemies on the field that only shoot when you have your back turned. I would really recommend a spray power up so that when you rotate with L and R, you can do some damage while your back is turned. While spinning you also need to get out of the way quickly, because he will attack you with a long range of bullets while you are in that pose. The other ones are moderately easy as you just have to duck with "B" and shoot to avoid the bullets that the shield capped monster shoots. After all five barriers are killed you will fight.

Boss 2 - Mega Insect Alien. This boss truely in me eyes is a lot easier to kill off without casualities than the first, but this boss does take longer to defeat. If you have any nukes, now is a good time to use them. Start off by shooting at the laser and he will follow you forward. Keep shooting at the laser till it is destroyed. He will start spinning in one place and eventually spin off randomly onto the road. Concentrate on where he will move and dodge out of the way. He'll make a sudden stop on the road so now is a good time to keep shooting while he's not mobile. He'll keep doing the same pattern again, just focus on dodging when he moves and shooting when he stops. Once you kill off a few of his legs he'll start to leap in the air and come crashing down. Keep moving! Just do not stop until he LANDS. If you even slightly stop you will get killed. Remember you only have 8 tries per continue, so make this fight count. Start attacking the red eye that is shielded circumfrance wise and soon the Insect will be nothing more than being blown to bits.

Stage 3 - Construction Highway Your fight against the aliens now takes place on top of buildings now. Keep moving right and you will notice green rolling machines with lasers on the ground. Jump over them and when they open their lasers to fire at you shoot them quickly. They WILL shoot you if you don't. You will also be getting a "F" flame powerup and a "L" power up, so keep that in mind. The F power up is actually needed on part of the level, so try to keep it until after the screwbolt machine. You will make your way across after several green rolling cannons and purple gunner; to flying insects that kill you by grabbing you and crunching you once you get to the top of the screen. Just keep jumping, you can't kill them all and once you get to the end they'll all suddenly die anyways.

The next part features a mini boss which I've told you before not too long ago in this walkthrough. The screwbolt machine will suddenly come up and puncture you if you hit the middle part of the screen. I suggest basically to stand either on the left or right hand corner with a "F" and just start barbecuing the red eye. Jump over the swinging wings as they rotate clock and counter clockwise across the screen. Once you fried him just jump over taking care not to grab the wailing wings as they will send you to your doom. There will be missiles that will come up to you, just keep spraying the random missiles so that they don't blow you up. A "scatter" powerup should be coming up shortly, but I strongly recommend the flame. You are now entering the hardest part of the level and possibly the game on Hard Mode. Jump across the latching wall on the right immediately.

The flying screwbolt machine you just beat now is upgraded. It will spin and latch it's legs on each side of you blocking your escape. Your objective now is to scale the wall while he shoots rockets that pin you down before you know it. Keep shooting the rockets and make sure they don't hit you while they home in on you. The screwbolt machine will also be climbing up the wall too so you have to also scale the wall. The time you need an "F" is now a good time. Once at the end where the two gray construction rails meet he will stop and get serious. This fight will probably cost you a lot of lives. Screwbolt machine has a specific mode of movement as you move up and down the wall. In normal mode he will only ram at you once and then not come at you twice, but in this mode he will ram you and then come down to RAM YOU AGAIN. To remedy that situation try to climb near the upper tier of the wall while watching the screwbolt's every step. This is not going to be easy as he will randomly charge and screw you. (yeah i know that was funny, but enough jokes.) When he screws you up top (oops i said it again), you can dodge and have enough room to dodge again. Try not to be directly in the line of his screw and shoot only diagonally when his red eye is open. Also nukes help as well but only when the red eye is visible. A few dozen or so shots should keep the mechanoid down. Keep scaling the wall so that you can reach the top of the platform and quickly take out the 3 gunners stationed on the opposite end. A quick spray of bullets to each one so their bullets do not hit you. You will then reach the top of the platform, and meet up with a ufo looking machine that spawns mutants. Stay on the opposite end of the floor as he will spam bombs directly below him. Just stay at the farthest left or right hand corner, and when he stops; shoot out the mutants and the ufo that spawns them. An "F" would be nice at this point, but if you don't have it, it's okay. When you take out the ufo drone quickly run east and a powerup will fly above you. Pick up the power up as it will be a "B" barrier, and keep moving taking out the two stationed gunners while moving your way through the rockets. You'll finally be inside a building that scales upward through a chasm. Take out the sentry guns stationed to the right and climb up the chasm as the flying propellers rotate. Be careful as you jump as several mutants will block your way. Take them out with a spray or normal gun and quickly move up. Take out the two sentry guns at the top of the chasm and move onward to the right; moving as you quickly but carefully jump across the rotating propellers. You will now get to another room with a "homing missle". Keep going and you will finally meet the boss of stage 3.

Boss 3 - Triple Terminator The first thing you will notice when you get to this boss is two Robotic Humanoids. Immediately jump to the left as the blue one will always shoot down at the floor, while the pink one jumps around and latches you only at the opposite end of the room. Keep shooting from above, but also keep your eye on the pink droid as it will jump and latch at you if you are on the opposite side only. To keep from getting killed just concentrate on the pink while moving to the opposite side when he gets to close. Dodge when he shoots three bullets at you simutaniously and continue the pattern while hanging at the ceiling. Once you kill the pink mutant, everything should be a piece of cake. Kill the blue and half-bodied pink aliens. Once you take them out, you will come across the REAL boss of the Triple Terminators.

Okay get ready now cause the boss music is coming in. In the room now a center wall will open with two big hands opening it. A big freaky ass robot face will charge out of the middle of the room. Stay at the left or right side of the face WHILE on the ceiling. My preference is to stay on the right, but it's your choice. Shoot at him for a quick 4 seconds and then he'll spawn two white slow circling lasers at you. The trick to survive this fight is to shoot at him while quickly circling clockwise around the room. The two lasers will home in on you, but that is not as bad as to what is about to come. As soon as you dodge the white lasers and they dissapear, head DIRECTLY to the lower right hand corner a centimeter near his face. He'll shoot a barrage of flames that circle clockwise across the room. If you do not do as I say, you will get burned. You must not even shoot him while this happens. Just escape clockwise across the room while his flame is tracking you. His face will disappear again and he will throw some bombs that detonate within 4 or 5 seconds. GET TO THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE ROOM WHERE THE BOMBS ARE NOT PLACED "NOW"!! There is no room for failure. You will get burned if you don't. Again his face will appear again after the bomb detonates and blows up the room. Quickly head to the right side of his head on the ceiling and shoot. He'll keep doing the same thing over and over. Follow my steps and he will soon be finished, but you have to shoot him at ample moments in time, especially if you're only using the normal gun.

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Contra 3 - The Alien Wars - Incomplete Walkthrough (Hard Mode)
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