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 Final Fantasy 1 : NES Review

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy 1 : NES Review   Final Fantasy 1 : NES Review Icon_minitime1Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:44 pm

Saving the world from the brink of destruction has always been the main backdrop of a Final Fantasy story.  So basically to sum it all up, you as the four light warriors have to renew the earth by finding four specific orbs around the Final Fantasy 1 world so that everything will shine light onto the world and banish darkness that envelops the world.  Take as long as you like though, this is a long RPG. Not much for story, but you'll soon find out who your real enemy is in the game and his intentions.

The graphics are pretty mundane I'm going to admit it.  trololololol. No one gives a shit.

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Final Fantasy 1 : NES Review
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