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 Bahamut Lagoon : SNES Review + FAQ

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PostSubject: Bahamut Lagoon : SNES Review + FAQ   Bahamut Lagoon : SNES Review + FAQ Icon_minitime1Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:32 am

Bahamut Lagoon Tales the Tale of when Dragons and Lagoons ruled the skies. The remote establishment of Kahna was ruled by the King and he had a daughter named Yoyo. The wars begin when Emperor Sauzer seizes the establishment and wages war on the remote flying Lagoon. Byuu the legendary hero and his brigade are supposed to go to the castle and take back the Dragnar which is the princess, and Keep Sauzer from ruling the lagoons and the world with his army of minions. As part of the story unfolds some characters will join you in the fight and some commanders will fall brinking more powerful commanders into the plot. The backstory revolves around releasing dragons to fight along side the dragnor to bring peace and liberation back onto the lagoons.

Visually Bahamut Lagoon is two dimensional with a semi bulkish three dimensional cartoonish look similar to that of Seiken Densetsu 3. Each step you take also is a piece of a square. Program wise you just move a block. The characters figures to that of battle and the visual spells, techs and attacks are also bright and flashy. Usually colors of red, yellow and blue depending on what type of magic or skill that you use. The blue ice to water effects on the lakes are estonishing to look while it bursts a puff of ice. The flammish looking effect of the fire while the sound brimishes across the screen like a scorch. The sounds do actually reflect what is in the game which is also neat.

While Lagoon's tactical gameplay is good the adventure rpg aspect of it is a bit flawed. Unlike traditional rpgs that let you access the menu at any time while you are traveling; Bahamut's only let's you equip and use formations during sales or when you actually get ready to do prepartions to wage war on tactical battle maps. This isn't an annoying flaw, but I also don't want to go to a shop keeper everytime I want to change a weapon.
Anyways though the battle maps can get you hooked if you are looking to fight monsters and gain experience. Most of how spells works is that you can use them against the enemy without exchanging battles in short range combat (character battle warfare). Spells and Techs on battle maps show the radius and the range of the radius in which you can use that particular skill. Once you click it just let it slide and it will attack a sentry of enemys on the map in one team. Battles take place if you or an enemy moves one square adjacent from you and clicks on you and your characters. Then you and your characters will engage the enemy on usually a 3 on 4 battle, with the four being the team of 1. Turns usually come in most strategy games where you move all your characters and then the enemies move theirs on their turn. Even though you can attack the enemy and use long ranged spells, techs and dragons; the enemy will also try to attack you on their turn too, so it's a fair situation. If an enemy kills a dragon. The team of that dragon they are controlling in battle's magic will be weaker. If the team gets killed then the dragon will also perish. With the Dragons in battle you can issue commands for them to wait and go in battle. Don't be scared though, it's only for that battle. If byuu AND his teamates die, but not just byuu then it is gameover. Usually in every map though you will win if you beat the enemy commander.

Speaking of the different upgrade style of the games feeding Dragons is a must. You must know how to feed your dragons right if you want to get anywhere in this game. Because of the style and stats, feeding dragons will substantial upgrade your character's strengths. What stats you have to upgrade is up to you, but don't expect to finish this game with a weak dragon. It will not happen. You can feed dragons any type of weapon or item. It just really all depends. And each character in your team is different. You have ninjas, knights, cross knights, heavy armors, light armors, wizards, summoners and priests. Also this game has much character development and personality for each type so this is NOT a boring game. If you like a game with character development this is for you. Setting up personalities also for each character in battle is also a must if you want to mix and change up different skills.

Obviously when I played I loved the game and the challenge is decent. I give it a 9/10 Only because you can't access the menu out of battles or shops. But if you like stories about dragons, and you love sky fights this is a game for you.

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Bahamut Lagoon : SNES Review + FAQ
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