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 Battle Toads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team - Complete Walkthrough

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PostSubject: Battle Toads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team - Complete Walkthrough   Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:02 am

Okay to start off; this game like it's counterpart Battle Maniacs is pretty much deemed a crazy hard game. Although it's not as crazy as Battlemaniacs it does have moments where the game play does get rough. There are lots of enemies and traps in this game, and some of the levels and bosses can be frustrating without the proper skills and tactics to beat them. But this is a short game with several levels and once you get better at the game, you will see how easy this game can really be. Well enough about that let's start the walkthrough.

Level 1 : The spaceship - Immediately at the start of the level run and bash both androids off the screen with a ram horn attack. This attack can be executed by double tapping the direction twice and holding the second (Kirby super star) and hitting "B" to do a "smash hit". Keep going and you will be meeting some other androids. Either ram or constantly attack them with "B", somewhere along the line there will be a gray egg which contains an extra life. Get the extra life and move on.
You will encounter some space ship turrets. Wait for their phasers to lower and shoot bullets and try to dodge as quickly and steadily as you can. Then quickly run and jump up to them and continue attacking them till they blow up. Along the lines you will also see some hands with skittles as chains that will smash you if you don't run away quick enough. Run away from his hand when he motions that he's about to attack.
Once you get out of the way, you'll have an extra second to attack them and make their skittles pop out. To successfully do this, when the hand is struggling; just get next to him and hit "B". As the battle toad you will mash it with your hands, as the twins you will kick it. You'll meet some more turrets and hands. Kill them the same way as before and you will soon come across the boss of the spaceship.

Level 1 Boss : Abobo - Ha, this guy is a push over! Once you meet the dead end of the spaceship you will see someone punching the metallic door out with their fist from the outside. Don't be alarmed when Abobo comes out. Immediately run to him and deliver a quick hit that will knock him back. He will recoil; just don't be slow and let him punch you out. Run away immediately as you hit him. Then run back to hit again. Keep doing that several times and Abobo will stand on two knees. Just boot his ass off the ship and you'll reach stage 2.

Level 2 : Interior of spaceship - During this whole mission you will meet some punks with shirts open and black hair. Once inside the ship going right you will see punks that will try to kick you. When you meet them just whack a mole them into the floor as the battle toads, or knee kick them with Billy or Lee. Once that is over with you will see a 2 stilt walking UFO. Ram the UFO twice and when it bursts use the stick as a weapon against the punks. When you get to other punks you can knock them out and whack them across the screen. The animation for this is a little humorous as well.
Once you get across you will meet TNT man. Try not to get blown by his dynamite. As he throws, pick up the Dynamite by hitting "B" at the time the dynamite will come at you. Stay about 2 yards away from the left and throw 3 dynamites in the door. When he gets scared and blows up 3 times he'll crash through the wall and die.
Go through the doorway to the next area.
As you are going down you will see an egg. Once you are up to it, go to the EDGE of the screen to the right and bash the egg hitting it facing LEFT. If you would have hit it otherwise the extra life would have went to the right edge missing an opportunity for an extra life. You will come across the same enemies as before. Punks and long legged UFOs. Dispose of them the same way as you disposed them before and you will come across Dynamite Man again. Pick of the dynamites, throw them back and he will be killed just like the other one.
After that you will be in the bike riding part, this part is about 500 times easier than the 3rd level bike ride of Battle Maniacs. As you are going just jump over the logs that flash three times and jump when the time is right. After one volley of obstacles, you will see eggs all around while you are scrolling across the screen. Try to get most of them in a row as they contain lives if you don't miss. Once you get 7500 points, get the last for an extra life and move on. This time on the track there will be enemy bikers, if there is an enemy behind you just press "B" and continuously keep kicking them until they burn off the road. If there is one in front, do a double d pad, rush and knock him out with the front. After the volley of bikers you will come across some faster gates! Do not be alarmed though; they are still pretty easy to jump and dodge. Once you get done with that prepare for

Level 2 Boss : Blag

Okay this rat is annoying against novice players. The trick here is to not let him keep squashing you as you will lose extra lives quick. Make no mistake, this is a hard fight and he can be unpredictable at times. Just be fast and on your toes. When you first meet Blag the big fat rat do a rushing attack and attack him. Just MASH the "B" button and do not stop. Even if you get squished keep hitting "B" he'll take the hits and won't do anything at all, but even the slightest miss press can leave you stone cold dead. If you get lucky enough Blag will lay on his back and you can do a final coup' de grace and knock him off the edge of the screen.

Level 3 : Underground Space Port

If I could tell you now, I can pretty much say that most people I play in this game have failed this level. Some even just plain left. I can maybe give you some times on how to successfully finish this level and get out with A LOT OF EXTRA LIVES. Okay you begin this level on rotating machine floors and a sort of fence background. When you come along there will be chicks everywhere.
Now I'm just going to tell you the chicks here are FAST
as soon as they see you they'll come after you and if you're in range; they will pop you with a whip and fling you so fast your head will spin. Counteract this by giving a dose of her own medicine. Be quicker, either that or ram her. Ramming the females though is the safer bet and it's usually what I do. Good thing is, while in attack mode, the chicks will back off just like punks do.
Once you kill them all, keep going and some pop bullet turrets will come by. Try to jump on one by jumping and hitting up then just continuously bash them until they break. Move on to the next area with more chicks. Dispose of the chick by the pit by going left and then kicking her off the cliff with a ram attack When you see the down arrow, DO NOT jump down in the pit.
Go to the edge and keep hitting "B". Your battle toad or twin will whirl his arm around and around.
Let go of the button and he will tie a rope and go down. Now you will have to evade a chasm of buzz saws that come by, some will go up and some will go down. You have to hold the direction at the wall you are at and kick off the attack with the "B" button. After you attack you will fly to the opposite wall and have time to slowly inch your way back to dodge another chasm of saws. Do this by holding right while you are on the safe side of the opposite wall. Once you get across the chasm of buzz saws you will be at the next area.
This area will be a bit more difficult. Along this area you must race across some crushing devices and run most of the way across. In which that happens you will have to fight two chicks that come from opposite sides, Just ram both of them and keep on going across a volley of ceiling crushers. You must stop quick and go across the gate and kick the egg to break it open and gain some health. Now keep going across, dodge the electric fence when you have to rotate your arm and will need to leap. On this one you have to also not get hit by the electricity. Or you will meet an annoying death. Keep going across and you will need to rotate your arm yet again to go down the next chasm . This time there are birds. All I can say is don't let the birds claw you with their talons, but you can juggle the birds to get extra lives. Just like the eggs in Level 2. When you hit a bird it will fly off and come back to you. Time the hits by attacking at the same time they come. Just juggle them in the air is they keep coming and at 7500 points, hit it again to get a life. You can do this to as many birds in the level.
The key to success is in the extra lives.
Once you go down along the birds and the turrets keep going right as you will make your way across a fence. Climb up the fence and go right trying to time the distance between you and the red electric discharges, When the red discharges go up and the red one comes up fast as the other goes down; that is your cue to pass across. Next kill the three birds, two from the right and one left. When you finally make your way across land jump down, run and jump up and quickly kick the switch. I believe there are two of those switches in the same phase. You will soon make your way down across very walls were the electricity is hard to dodge, but try to dodge it anyways. There are birds down as well which you can make quick extra lives from.
Once you are out of that mess things will start getting even hairier.
Go right but as you are going hit left and you will sort of run in place. Try to stand in places and very skillfully inch your way through the cylinder crushers and the electric discharges. It would help to get the egg at the end which makes you invincible for a short period of time. Keep moving and rotate your arm to hang across the pit while dodging everything that comes your way. There are two birds for the picking for your convenience. Next is the last chasm in the game that you will ever have to go down, and it's easy too. Just hang to the upper right of the screen and you won't get hit by all the metal junk that comes by. After that you will have to go right and climb the fence that curves a bit. Just get the extra life and health. After you have completed that you need to get ready.

Level 3 Boss : Ripper

This gun toting macho man isn't ready to throw in the towel and if you aren't careful, he'll blast you to bits. Take note that this boss is hard only if you aren't fast and know how to dodge the bullets. This guy is unpredictable, you'll have to hit him when there is a big gap of space between him and the wall. When he gets near you that is the opportunity to ram him with a smash hit and quickly run back before he smacks you with the blunt of his gun. If he catches you in 4 bumps, you'll lose 2 points of life. Before that happens though, try to run away while he's smacking you and you won't lose health. The trick to winning this fight is hitting him while he doesn't shoot at you by ducking when he cocks his gun. When he cocks his gun, you need to DUCK. When the wave of bullets fly over your head continue the pattern as usual. 20 to freaking 30 hits will kill him and you'll be going to level 4.

Level 4 : Battle ship in Outerspace

Okay this level is very trick and difficult if you do not have the necessary skills and speed to do it. The controls are a bit different as in the other levels, as "Y" is where you fly and "B" is your pellet gun that shoots several streaming bullets at once in a straight line. And the left and right buttons turn from THEIR direction in which THEY are facing. In the first part of this mission you must kill all the meteors that fly out of the Queen's Space ship's fuel injector. An easy way to do this is go right behind and mash "B" killing most of the meteors in sight as they split apart. Quickly try to dodge the little meteors and kill everything in sight. The big battle ship will throw out a succession of these three consecutive times as you kill all the meteors.
Now this part is harder, There will be blue mines that poop from the fuel injectors this time. If you are bold, you can quickly dispose of the mines by going turning the ship and flying across the screen, blasting mine to mine. Or you can do the easy way be anticipating the space mines pooping out horizontally across the screen dodging them quickly while dodging all of the diagonal needles that blast out from the mines.
Once those are over with, the Big Battle Ship will start exhaling out more annoying objects.
Instead of meteors blasting in a wave spread across the screen, they will shoot out horizontally one by one while the Queen's battle ship is zipping up and down. The meteors will shoot horizontally each one in inch up or down from it's predecessor and will continue to shoot. You MUST be careful as the meteors will INSTANTLY take your extra life if you get hit. Zip through them and along the way 9 to 11 blasts there will be an extra life from the volley of meteors. Time yourself and get the extra life.
After that the next wave will be four UFOs that come out of the rocket's fuel injector.
As the UFOs keep flying randomly in outerspace hold the "B" button and a lock on target will appear. Use the directional keys to target your foe and when it says "Lock On" immediately let go of the "B" button. A little rocket will home in on the target and obliterate it. You can try doing these to the next three UFOs that come out. Be alarmed though that the last UFO that comes out is going to be much faster than the other 3 and will shoot a bullet at a faster rate. The birds you get an extra life will come in handy here. Unless you are really good and can kill the UFOs without a scratch a recommend the extra lives. After you kill the UFOs things will get different.

Level 4 Boss : Queen's Big Battle Ship

Once you kill the UFOs you will be transported to the RIGHT of the battle ship to attack her parts. Duck under neath and hang near the upper part of the screen. She will start shooting meteors from the forward exhaust pipes. Again keep up above and don't let them hit you. Do the lock on to blast out the top portion of the exhaust pipe. Once that is destroyed, go lower so the "Lock On" target will shoot the bottom part of the exhaust pipes. Keep blasting them with homing missiles until they are gone.
Once more the Battle ship will still dart stuff at you. The red discharges will begin to erect.
These ones you must anticipate where they will go and instead of locking on; try to just shoot at them, Locking on will more than likely get you hit. Just shoot at the top and burst that exhaust, then burst the one below. Next will be some meteors trying to crash into you STILL. Dispose of them by arbitrarily shooting them and dodging incoming meteors at the same time. Once you kill all the forward part of the pipes, the Battle Ship will IMMEDIATELY try to surprise you with a spray of single bullets that target YOU. You MUST move up and down WHILE trying to shoot her Space Ship at the same time. She will not stop until you get a game over or you beat the forward part of her ship.
When you beat it, things turn from bad to worse. Now she will chuck homing rockets at you. When you see one do a loop so that the rocket will loop in circles and not home in on you. Because if it does home in on you and kill you, your ass is grass. Just shoot a little more at the same time you are looping and you will kill the Big Battle Ship. Now onward to Stage 5.

Level 5 : The Rocket - A top secret mission from the bird man. Destroy and stop the rocket from blasting and destroying earth.
This level is pretty hard in itself, not because enemies but because of the flames that fuse on and off on the gas lights. They can make you lose a life if you get burned. Anyways start off by running to the right. Be careful though because there is a big surge of flame that ignites from the rocket injector. Just jump over it and jump over the next one that you'll come across after that. Keep going and a ninja will come out from behind the top flap of the rocket, just ram him and make your way down the later.
Keep going and you'll see a two rats. Ram the left rat by using a smash hit and then kill the other with a "smash hit" by ramming as well.
The werewolf at the next part is quite annoying since it will often try to blunt bash you and then ram you off you are too far. This is where speed comes into play. Begin by IMMEDIATELY ramming with a smash hit and as he goes down keep smash hitting him before he stands all the way up. Keep doing that and he will be knocked out for good. Once you are out of there you will see small flames come up like light signals from the small ignition switches. The key here is to study the pattern and climb up when you are safe from the flame. Going from one ignition switch downward and stretching up and then going down like an upside down "U". I will explain which flame goes by first to last. 1,,5,3,4,2,6. At least I think that's the order.
Go past the next small ignition flames and make your way up top the ladder. Again two ninjas will come out and try to kick you and throw a ninja star.
Kill the ninjas and some bomb guys from stage 2 will throw dynamite yet again. Pick up the dynamite by getting next to it, but try not to get blown yourself. Make your way to the left and throw the dynamite at the second guard and he will be blown off the ship. Do the next guard the same way from the right and make your way across the big fuel ignition on the top of the rocket. Jump over that and jump over the other one. Go down the ladder and make your way to the right. You will see another pack of rats, but this time I don't think you can ram or "smash hit" them with one attack. Hit the first rat and knock him back, then attack him again to "smash hit". Do the same attack to the next rat, then make your way right, where the path opens. You will then be amongst some Dynamite Throwers and Rats. Try to kill the rats first while dodging the TNT. Once you kill the rats throw the TNT at the guys. Only one dynamite each will kill them. Go to the right and crack the egg.
It contains some health. Get the health, go back down the later and go through the door. As SOON as you enter you will need to RAM the werewolf before he gets a chance to attack and before he fully gets up keep timing your hits and smack him across the room to the right. This werewolf takes A LOT of hits to kill and I advise you not to get the egg on top of the platform near the right of the inside of the rocket. If however you feel bold you can try to take it and dispose of the werewolf at the same time. But I would continue my strategy to kill the werewolf. Once you kill him exit out of the door.
You'll find more little fire injections protruding out of the wall. Again, anticipate where they will go and dodge them accordingly. Continue to the right and go up the ladder where some ninjas will wait in ambush to attack you. They will throw ninja stars and will cartwheel then kick. If you can, just ram them as that just takes one hit and they will be knocked off instantly. After the sequence of ninjas are gone jump over the big fuel injector pick up the egg health and move down the ladder. Now go in the door and be alarmed of the rats that are hidden throughout the inside of the rocket shuttle. You won't see the rat but smash hit to the left and you will knock one out, Go to the right and ram into the next one followed by the 2 rats up ahead. When they are nothing but rat poop, move on to the right and out of the door. You will see 3 small fuel injectors. Travel up the ladder each fire that disappears will ignite on the next pipe up. Keep that in mind as you climb up and jump over the big fire pipe. Now cross to the right to meet....

Level 5 Boss: Laser Alien

Okay this boss is pretty tricky and from Level 1 on out you will needed to have at least 4 or 5 lives in stock. When you are crossing to the right he will move out of the hole and surprise you. Once good thing about this boss is that he does not move unless you hit him and every time he is attacked it will move him. Try to hit him to where he won't react fast enough when the bullets hit you. While you aren't attacking though he will unpredictably shoot bullets from his face. Where ever the face is, just jump out of the way. Run up to him when you get the chance and smack him with a "smash hit"; he will be thrown back and recoil off the wall to meet you again. As soon as he lands smack him again and get next to him and smack. If you are positioned right you will never even have to move from your spot. He'll just recoil and come back letting you completely hit him without taking hits. Keep doing this a few dozen times and you'll blow him to smithereens.

Level 6 : The Underground Basement

Once you hit level 6 the stages become shorter and this stage is very short, but it has a mean boss as well. For now jump on the lamp post and knock out the lamp giving you some health. There will be two punks coming at you in this phase. Just continuously beat one punk after another. You will scroll ahead to the next pack of punks with the two legged UFO in the pack as well. Ram the UFO stilt and pick up the stilt as a weapon. Continuously batter the punks and throw them across the screen. As you are moving on you will need to do the same strategy as before, I warn you not to punch any more lamp posts because you will need to use them at the boss fight. When the next volley comes, just ram them with your "horn smash hit" and be done with it. You will then come across....

Level 6 Boss : Shady Shadow Boss

You would had better get ready for this punk because he is HARD, and he looks like it too. No seriously look at him and his face. Fucking muscles on his abdomen and arm muscles. This guy will tear you to shreds. Remember when I said don't hit the lamps from now on? Well you'd had better done what I said or your chance of beating him will be a rat's chance of getting some chesse with a room full of cats. First off when he sees you, you'd better be quick or you'll lose a life and get bashed. He'll charge you, but you'll need to preempt him by taking off and ramming him first. Then MASH the "B" button to keep hitting him as he recoils and punches you. Get as many hits as you can, and even if you let go of the B button for a split second he'll mash you in like a hammer and you'll more than likely lose a life. If you are however successful he'll change his attack and roll into a spiked ball whipping across the screen. To dodge this, jump on the lamp post and jump back down when he stops his spike ball attack. Keep hitting him like no tomorrow and he'll do the same spike thing as he did. Once you repeat this and hit him over 50+ times, Shady Shadow will just become another memory in the shade.
Now you can jump up to the lamps and burst them! One contains an extra life. Now steadily make your way across the blue electric waves and make your way.... to the last level of the game!!

Level 7 : Dark Queen's Chambers

This is the shortest level in the game, but please get ready for the last boss. When you first enter you'll see purple all around and lights like a studio. The purple aliens make a comeback from level 1, but if you can, just ram them across the screen. The next alien will try to punch you also. You can try and also make the aliens punch each other. After the aliens are killed keep going and there will be two of those little flying pods. When one doesn't attack, attack the other by quickly jumping at him and grabbing him, then by consecutively whacking him on the floor until he bursts. Do the same thing to the other pod and move on.
You will face some more aliens. Just go across and kill them as usual, walk across and you'll find a dead end at what looks like a television screen. A hand with a chain of little skittles will emerge from the screen and hit you like before. Quickly run out of the way when it motions to attack and smash hit the thing until it dies. Watch out now because something will come out of the ground.

Level 7 Final Boss : Dark Queen

The villain of the game has arrived and she means to terminate the Toads and the Lee twins by herself! Make no mistake that this woman needs to be hit a lot of times and her pattern changes each time you hit her a dozen times. As soon as she rises above the ground though she will throw a fire ball as a demonstration then go back down. She'll start her attack actually by changing herself as a flame and skimming along the ground trying to burn you up. The good thing about this boss fight is that the television will randomly through out invincibility chips and extra life. Anticipate where the queen will move and dodge out of the way depending on where she goes.
She'll rise up and throw one fireball each time she rises. When she rises just "smash hit" her. You might even be able to deal in two or three more hits while she is not turned into a flame. As you keep hitting her she rises more quickly and descends more quickly too so you have to also be more quick. Once she gets hit enough time she will rise and sometimes trick you and throw a fireball near the ground or at the height you are at. I would advise you to just jump over the fireballs as she becomes more unpredictable and hit her immediately with a smash hit after because she will quickly vanish making you jump over the floor where she skims. With enough hits and luck you will make her remember the day she fought the Ultimate Team and lost!

Now watch the end and give yourself a high five!

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PostSubject: Re: Battle Toads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team - Complete Walkthrough   Sun May 29, 2011 12:55 pm

last time i played i got to Blag, im having troubles beating him

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PostSubject: Re: Battle Toads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team - Complete Walkthrough   Sun May 29, 2011 1:27 pm

All you have to do is mash punch. keep hitting him before he has time to retaliate. He'll be on his back in no time and you'll finally be able to kick him in outer space.

The best console ever strikes back online with a vengence. Too bad not everyone can see eye to eye with it.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle Toads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team - Complete Walkthrough   

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Battle Toads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team - Complete Walkthrough
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